STUDIO KIKU is a project conceived by Dennis Cabella and Daniele De Batté, a creative studio mainly focused on videogames. Dennis Cabella (’77), filmmaker/director/animator, co-founder of ILLUSION Videoproductions, a company that deals with the creation of TV commercials, documentaries, computer animation, visual effects, video games. Daniele De Batté (’76), designer/illustrator/sculptor, co-founder of ARTIVA Design, a company that deals with the creation of graphic projects, design, logotypes, publishing. Dennis and Daniele decided to give life to their creative ideas by developing the game THE LAST DAY, an isometric graphic adventure with dystopian atmospheres and a nostalgic reference to ’80s science fiction.


Game Happens – Elements of Change
November 8, 2019 – November 10, 2019
Villa Durazzo Bombrini, Via Lodovico Antonio Muratori, 5, 16152 Genova GE, Italy

Game Happens supports our local teams.
In this part of the exhibition area (ground floor – foyer)
you can find a selection of studios and companies based in Liguria, our Region.

Miniclip Italy
Space Backyard
Studio Kiku
Untold Games